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Taking Care of the Problem with Junior Ziegler #86

Do you have a phobia or a fear of anything? Mine is clowns. It is probably because I coursed my mom into letting me stay up later and watch IT when I was in elementary school. Not a great choice on my part. Today you are going to meet my former intern when I worked in radio, Junior Ziegler who is now the Lead Teaching Pastor of The Bridge Community Church.

"Thinking, God created that person in His image. And praying for them that they meet Jesus... Just having that on your radar, people need Jesus." - Junior Ziegler

Junior is an excellent teacher that challenges his listeners in a way that encourages them to see Jesus. After being a pastor for a little over a decade he shares with us how easy it is to run from the problems we face. How even in the pain we continue to numb it and push it to the side. But the reality is someday we are going to have to face it and Junior's parable gives us a practical parable that applies to each one of us. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Junior Ziegler.

Our Conversation Points:

  • Growing up as a Pastor's Kid and finding his own way.

  • What has been one of his biggest lessons in preaching and in marriage.

  • God built us for community through vulnerability.

  • Practical ways community has benefited him and for us.

  • The Spiritual practice of silence.

  • How to humbly deal with the "tooth pain" in our life.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the tooth you don't want to address in your life?

  2. Think about some of the practice you use often during your time with God and how you can incorporate something new to build on.

Connect with Junior Ziegler

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