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The Story No One Wanted with Kelly Carlson #110

Do you ever think is God punishing me for something? As a teacher, artist, and writer, Kelly has been privileged to befriend children in the darkness of disease, poverty, enslavement and incredible grief. Yet in those very spaces, she has experienced even a destitute, red dirt path behold the craziest kind of party when tens of tiny, shoeless feet sprinted after her. Not one trip did Kelly give as much as she received, from children. Now as the founder of Project Lightwell Kelly Carlson discuss how God has used the battle of her chronic illness to bring light to a child’s life

I personally resonated with pieces of Kelly's story. I loved how God used all those things from her skip-it, to her time with kids in orphanages, to fighting her illness to now be an influence in so many children's lives. I hope you enjoy this amazing story.

Jesus is coming for the sick, not the healed. - Kelly Carlson

Conversation Topics

  • Experiences of serving on the mission field

  • Performance Oriented Mindset

  • Am I Being Punished?

  • Chronic Illness

  • Finding Freedom

  • What is Project Lightwell

  • God providing influence to others

Reflection Questions

1. Is it time to break free from the performance or fear mindset today? Journal about what part of Kelly’s story connected with you.

2. When doubt creeps back into our mind, which it will, what can you set in place now to help combat those lies of the enemy?

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