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What Does Wholeness Look Like with Jackie Glass #91

Would you say that you're living your life glass half empty or glass half full? Can't wait for you to listen in from Jackie Glass. She is an energetic coach, magnetic leader, experienced communicator, and mama of 4, made to lead moments that spark transformation. Jackie has experience as a licensed clinical professional therapist, health coach, pastor, and communicator, deeply desiring for people to give voice to their lives as they ignite purpose, deepen calling, and lean into talents. As you will hear, Jackie is passionate about seeing people live whole and full of wellness: heart, mind, soul, and strength.

As you get older you acquire more people in your life...The temptation can be, I don't have time for everybody. But, who is the person right in front of me? - Jackie Glass

Our Conversation Points:

  • Wholeness in our life (spiritually, physically, emotionally)

  • What Shalom can offer us

  • What's next when feeling overwhelmed

  • How do I work with my body, not against it

  • Paying attention to the tension points in our life

  • How do we be the person right in front of you?

I loved how Jackie reminded us that we don't have to take his spot as rescuers for ourselves or others. Jesus is already the rescuer for us. And when we are learning to walk in wholeness, it allows us to truly be with people and allow others to discover Jesus in their own time. I hope you are so blessed by this conversation on wholeness with Jackie Glass.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Jackie said we need to pay attention to the tension in our life. What area do you need to focus on this week as you continue to build wholeness?

  2. What questions can you put in your back pocket as you encounter people this week? Some of mine are: Tell me more? and What are you passionate about? This opens up the conversation to connect deeper with other people to hear their stories.

Connect with Jackie

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