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Seeking the Proof of Jesus with Jesse Royer #114

Has there ever been a song that impacted your life greatly? Joining me today is Jesse Royer who shares about his journey after diagnosis and how he saw the proof of Jesus in his life. After chasing his dreams of being a dancer to Los Angeles, Jesse's life literally hit a brick wall and through many doctor's visits showed there was a brain tumor affecting his ability to dance. Jesse shares about the anxiety and desperation in the midst of his circumstances and desire to find the proof of Jesus. I think so many of us can relate to needing a sign from God to just know he is with us.

Jesus wasn't even on my radar yet. - Jesse Royer

Jesse also shares about how God reached him through the lyrics of music and how God talked to him to give him the peace he needed in the midst of a storm. As you listen to Jesse's story, remember Your parable showcases how He is with you even in the unknown.

Reflection Questions 1. Maybe you are walking in a season of unknown right now. Spend some time in prayer so that you can be so attune to his direction but also still in the unknown. It could be for preparation, you need to adjust your heart. Seek his heart first as a sign of direction.

2. Pay attention to the lyrics of worship songs this week, it is so easy just to read them but not fully feel and know who we are worshiping.

Connect with Jesse

Instagram **Since recording Jesse and his wife have welcomed their sweet baby girl into this world.

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