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The Power of Listening with Robin Thompson #119

In this episode, Robin Thompson, co-founder of Zoweh, discusses the process of recognizing and repairing the ways she may not have loved her children well in their growing-up years. She shares how engaging in narrative-focused trauma care helped her understand her own story and equipped her to listen to others. Robin emphasizes the importance of listening to ourselves and offers insights on how to engage in meaningful conversations with others. She also shares her hope for people to have authentic, life-changing encounters with God through Zoweh's resources and events. In this conversation, Robin discusses the offerings and resources provided by her organization, as well as the importance of being better listeners.

Robin is learning that it's okay to not be okay, to hold complexities, that there is room for far more than she ever thought, and that her voice is needed. Mourning with those who mourn and rejoicing with those who rejoice is one of Robin's great passions. She loves being home, adores the quiet, and loves laughing and traveling with her handsome husband Michael. Time with their three grown daughters is especially treasured. Hope you enjoy this episode with Robin Thompson.


  • Engaging in narrative-focused trauma care can help us understand our own stories and equip us to better listen to others.

  • Listening to ourselves and being present in the moment can enhance our relationships and promote healing.

  • Avoiding bright siding and allowing space for silence can create a safe and supportive environment for others to share their stories.

  • Zoweh offers resources and events that aim to help people have authentic, life-changing encounters with God.

  • Being a good listener is essential for connecting with others and deepening our relationship with God.

Reflection Questions

1. Are you really listening to yourself? Take stock of today or earlier this week maybe it was a conversation, a big feeling, reaction you had this week and take some time to really uncover what was underneath it all.

2. What tip of Robin's are you going to lean into this week when talking to friends, loved ones, small group members? Allowing silence, not saying me-too, or trying to put a bow on it?

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